Social Media


Is social media working for you?


If the answer is “no”……… I will put in place a social media strategy, utilising the most popular social media networks which will bring your potential clients and customers closer to you and your products and services out to your target market.  Do not worry if you do not have accounts set up yet – I will help you do exactly what is right for your business.

If the answer is “yes” ……….Perhaps you have social media in place, but it is not bringing you the results you want?  Let me see what you are doing and let’s analyse your current platforms and put together a “results driven” strategy.


In the main, I work with “The Big 3” of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but there are other platforms such as YouTube, Tumblr  etc


I can also help you with blogging?  Content can be written to drive and direct traffic to your site via your social media channels using keyword rich posts and articles.    If you don’t have a blog – don’t worry!  If it is what you want to do, I can help you put one together.


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