Jayne runs my business life unflappably, with flair and a great sense of humour. She’s thoroughly reliable and totally discrete. If you’re looking for someone like that, I recommend that you ask her to interview you to see if she can take you on.#
Russell Buckley  – Mentor, Angel Investor in 40+ starups, Government Advisor and Non-Exec 


The things that used to drain so much of my time and energy, now effortlessly gets done by Jayne. She has a way of magically simplifying life. I may never understand how she does it, but I’m deeply grateful. Simply put, Jayne is awesome!#
Cosmina Popa – CEO at Rainmaker Foundation Syndicate


Jayne is an absolute star. The best job description for her is “life sorter” because that’s exactly what she does! Over the course of my working relationship with her, she’s made my life and schedule so much easier and more seamless – always thinking one step ahead! She has been a joy for all of us in the partnership to work with, as well as anyone who has interfaced with her to get things set up with us. I would highly recommend Jayne to anyone who is looking to make their lives more efficient, effective, and enjoyable! #Leila Rastegar Zegna – Founding Partner at Kindred


Jayne sorts my life 🙂#
Doug Scott – Investor at Angellist Syndicate


Quite simply, Jayne is the definitely one of the most brilliant persons I know in mind/spirit and runs my life effortlessly and ruthlessly. If you’re a busy person with lots to do and needs to be on point, Jayne sorts your life out. Can’t live without her now 🙂#
YC Ng – Founder of Potential VC


They say that behind every great man there’s a great woman. If you have the desire to be great at what you do then you most definitely need someone like Jayne behind you. Without her tireless assistance I would not be able to do what I do at the level that I do it. She helps me be the best that I can be and in doing so she is an utterly indispensable part of my business. I can’t recommend her highly enough.#
Marc Winn  – 


Unflappable, thoughtful, wise, professional and a delight to deal with – that’s what my clients and contacts say about Jayne! So, on the basis that she reflects well on me and my brand – I don’t think I could ask for anything more!#
David CM Carter  – 


I had heard great things about Jayne and was quick to make contact to secure her services. She is now an indispensable part of my team. She is fast and super savvy when dealing with absolutely every different challenge I throw at her. I work fast, she matches me! I am a huge fan.#
John Davy –


What can I say about this lady? A real pleasure to work with, and goes above and beyond her duty to make her clients lives a whole lot easier. I know my own personal, and work life, has improved ten fold, from just knowing Jayne. Real class and a must for any entrepreneur, looking to organise there lives to be more productive.#
John M Sweeney – Founder of Suspended Coffees


When I needed someone to organise my work life I turned to Jayne, she’s been amazing. Very diligent, easy to work with and makes my professional life far less complex. I can’t recommend Jayne enough#
Farhan Lalji, Managing Director of –


No hesitation in recommending Jayne to anyone with a chaotic diary and an unrealistic amount to do everyday – a safe and reliable pair of hands I now wouldn’t be without.#
Howard Sears – Founding Partner, Astuta


It is an absolute pleasure working with Jayne and having her on our team. Jayne is quick, efficient, organised, warm, friendly and very well connected, which makes getting things done and finding the right people to do them, painless. Having Jayne on board feels like we have a 10 man team behind us, I don’t know how she does it and does it so well. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Invest in her services whilst you still can.#
Geraldine Miskin


Wow! How did I live without you? Simply brilliant.#
Skye Sanders – Managing Director of Profit Partnerships (UK) Ltd


Jayne started working with me back in April 2011 and quite literally transformed the running of my business.  Her efficiency, expertise, business and marketing skills are second to none.  Jayne is very much an “ideas person” and what she contributes to my business adds total value to it. I cannot recommend her highly enough.#
Dr Joanna Helcke –


I would highly recommend working with Jayne, as she has high standards of professionalism in all that she does.    Jayne has the ability to make you feel as if you are her only client, even though she is working hard behind the scenes making ALL of her many clients feel equally as valued.   Throughout my time working with her, Jayne has been honest and full of good advice, and I am delighted with all of the work she has done for me.#
Susan Deacon


I thoroughly recommend Jayne, she has been my life sorter for over a year. Jayne has helped us work through some quite complex business objectives, and has also supported me with international relationship development, both in my role as President of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, and as MD of Dorey Financial Modelling. She has been terrific in helping us with deliver business growth and connect to people, for which I could not recommend her enough.#
Martyn Dorey, Managing Director of Dorey Financial Modelling –


Working with Jayne has proved to be a liberating experience allowing me to be revolutionary in my business dealings.  The main benefit of working with her is that she gives a quick and honest opinions based on extensive marketing experience as her resume is very impressive in that field.     If you enjoy hearing a forthright view, don’t have a fragile ego and are prepared to work out of your comfort zone, then the rewards of working with Jayne will be boundless.#

Toby Birch – Managing Director of Oppenheim & Co Ltd & Guernsey Gold Ltd


What can I say about Ms Packer! She is incredibly well connected and very generous in introducing people to each other who she believes will mutually benefit. She is very smart and savvy but also incredibly caring and kind – a unique combination in my book. She makes everything she does appear effortless. She challenges me to be better on every level. I thank the colleague of mine who said one day over lunch that I needed her in my life.#
Kevin Johnson


Jayne adds great value to our business through her organisation skills and her genuine interest in what we aspire to achieve with our customers. Jayne manages and delivers the results we need in this section of the business effortlessly. She is  definitely someone you need to talk to help your business grow!#
Steve Herald


Jayne is great to work with. Easy to talk to and always has a very clear vision of what she wants for her clients. She also knows what she was talking about! I would definitely recommend her to anyone.#
Tom Philips


I have worked with Jayne for five years now. Her business knowledge and marketing skills have really filled the gaps with my business. She provides ideas, systems and first-hand knowledge of what really works. I couldn’t do without her.#
Noelle Watson


Working with Jayne is always a brilliant experience. She is so clued up and on the ball; she’s efficient and a strong decision maker, she offers invaluable input and always ensures that a project moves along smoothly and achieves fantastic results.  Jayne will whip your business into shape.   She also has in-depth knowledge of all areas of marketing, websites and social media. So if you are looking for someone to help take your business to the next level look no further!#
Nicola Smout


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jayne. Her professionalism and clarity in communication is unrivalled.#
Gregory Lamba


Jayne has been the backbone of my company from the start.  As a new company, Jayne helped me get started in every way that I can think of. She has vast knowledge and is happy to share that with me.  I am exceedingly happy with the results and it is always a pleasure to work with her as she communicates well and is fearless in the way she approaches things.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services and I can’t really image where I would be now without her help. Thank you Jayne!#
Michael Holt


Without Jayne my business would be struggling to survive and a lot more complicated to control.  Jayne has guided me through processes I had no knowledge of and introduced me to methods that I didn’t know existed, all with humour, patience and know how.  She  has the ability to transform ideas into working projects and a vision that she shares to make her services truly value added.#
Gary Mortimer


Thank you for “sorting me out”. I actually didn’t know how much I needed it until you identified and put in place the obvious. Thank you for being so patient with me and sharing your knowledge.#
Chris Grey


Jayne is constantly thinking one step ahead. She is professional, reliable and what she says she will do gets done with extreme detail and speed. She is focused, creative and a natural born problem solver. In short Jayne and her services are simply FANTASTIC.#
Daniel Koek


Jayne took an idea in my head and made it a reality. She is fantastic at making things happen with her enthusiasm, common sense approach and sheer knowledge!#
Tony Wall


We were aware of Jayne and her abilities but even we were surprised by her impact.#
Todd Rose


Always a pleasure to work with someone so professional, highly organised and efficient.#
Emma Vale


Jayne’s work is simply fabulous.#
Claire Mockridge


Jayne was fantastic from start to finish – very transparent and provided quick feedback throughout the entire process. I hope to work with her again soon!.#
Lee Tones


It is a pleasure to work with Jayne. Jayne gave me a clear brief and supplied all the required assets, making my job so much easier. A true professional#
John Healey