Jayne Packer
My name is Jayne Packer and I have gained a lifetime of skills and expertise for the challenges of the business world that will benefit any entrepreneur on many different levels.

I have an extensive business background.  Early in my career I worked at top PR and marketing companies in London then left the UK for several years to run multi-million pound international marketing operations.

I came back to the UK and over the years have enjoyed everything I have done working at the highest levels with entrepreneurs, CEO’s,  start ups and limited companies through to Corporations and PLCs in a variety of different sectors.

I have worked, and continue to work, with some brilliant business leaders and innovators.

What really excites me every single day is the knowledge that every person and every business is unique –  no two are ever the same.


What makes working with me different?

As an entrepreneur and business owner there are many types of support that you could benefit from that would really add value to what you are doing to ensure your business operates at a higher level.

It is probably temping to try and do everything yourself.  But why do that?  Your time is far better spent on focussing on what you love and do best so make life easy for yourself and look to work with me on the other parts!

Every service I offer you is based on my first hand experience – nothing I do is ever “left to chance” and what I offer you is “tried and tested”– or, to put it another way,  services that work and produce results.

Working with me, you will not only save both your time and money but you will have a business that works more effectively and efficiently.     I will work alongside you to ensure that all new solutions are implemented seamlessly  and managed to the very highest of standards.

I have developed a unique way of working, which offers you a first-class comprehensive range of packages and services ranging from consulting, marketing, PR, administrative, business support, social media, and design services.   All of these services are tailor-made to your requirements.

Quite simply, I absolutely understand what you need to make your business succeed and I will work with you to reach your goals – and indeed to surpass them!

When working with me, you are ensured a personal service of exceptional quality with the benefit of knowing that I give attention to the smallest detail.  Behind the scenes I work with my team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to ensure that every service is delivered to you at the very highest of standards for a surprisingly affordable price.

I am totally confident of what I offer you – whether it is to develop a new business or moving a company or individual to the next level.

At all times I work with my clients to ensure that they enjoy success. I make things happen, I don’t believe in making life complicated and, at all times, I keep things simple.   I don’t see problems, only challenges where solutions need to be applied. I’m easy to work with and I hope, fun!

If, for any reason, you are looking at your business and thinking  it is costing you too much, taking far too much of your time or just not performing as you believe it should  then get in touch with me!


Who do I work with?

I work with entrepreneurs – from those who are just starting out right through to the elite entrepreneurs who are the very best of the best.

There is a commonality amongst them –  I know that I add value to what they are doing.